turtle soup

i was lifting weights the other day and i am not saying that in the hey baby look at me lifting weights kind of way but in the i was walking down the street kind of way at any rate it reminded me of a friend in college who swore that the exercise equipment industry was a big scam and everything you needed to work out was all around you so this guy would rearrange his furniture every other day just for the workout until his girlfriend stayed over one night and tripped over the newly moved couch in the dark  she ended up in the emergency room with ten stitches and a black eye there is no lesson in this i am just saying that this is how life is sometimes


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  1. Great sermon, great concept–the “Dirty Church”! I’m planning to “borrow” the kernal of your idea for my sermon this Sunday, July 10, 2011. Click http://s.intmainreturn0.com/bayy091615

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